Ellie is a writer, researcher, social practice artist and photographer. Along with her international experience, she is currently finishing her PhD in Visual Studies at the University of North Texas. She has worked at Latin American and US academic institutions where she has taught critical skills, and writing, visual analysis and art appreciation as well as high-performing communication in English and Italian. As a visiting artist for the Dallas Museum of Art, Sunset Studios and other art residencies, she has developed programs for visitors to develop empathy, perception and problem-solving skills, while focusing on contemporary topics of high relevance.

As an experienced educator, Ellie provides programs in instructional design for corporate training. She leads workshops to develop innovation and creativity thinking for professionals in a wide array of fields like digital transformation and management.

She has harnessed her experience and expertise in techniques such as slow looking in developing attention and perception of medical professionals and visual thinking routines for teaching empathy to engineers.

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